Date: 1/11/2014

Time: 11:15 - 12:10 (GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX

Cranfield Again

We are continuing our theme of being cheapskates - we have free landing vouchers for Cranfield, so we are going there. We did go (for the first time) earlier this year, but I haven't landed there. Once again, it is Ian, Colin, Jac and I in the Eurostar/EuroFOX formation.

My turn for the outbound and we take off and head north. My route is then to turn to go to the south of Reading and then turn north at junction 10 of the M4. Then up past Henley and keeping a good lookout for traffic for White Waltham and Booker. At Aylesbury, we can then turn towards Cranfield and I give them a call - I am told to report overhead Woburn Town, which involves a little deviation to the south - I guess I probably should have known that. I then join downwind (no overhead joins allowed) and am told to turn base to follow another aircraft on final. Once again we are searching for this plane, in the hopes we don't miss it and continue too far - no matter, we do spot it and then turn base and final. The visibility into the sun isn't wonderful, but far far better than last time we came. It is quite a long runway and I am debating landing long for the far turnoff, but in the end, I realise that the markings aren't a displaced threshold, so I land after the first turnoff and get off the runway easily before the next turn. Colin and Jac have already landed - I am given taxi instructions and told to head for the tower and park behind the Eurostar - "park behind JT I reply", even though I couldn't see that far.

After the signing in formalities and handing over our voucher, I am given a receipt for zero - I guess they have to. We then head for the Cafe where we meet the others.

After lunch and a chat, we are on the way back. Ian has the helm this time and we take off and then just keep going to the south west. Ian's route is a little more direct than mine, going to the north of Reading and the little gap between the town and Benson zone. We are now high enough to go over the top of Aldermaston. Near Hannington Mast, he then starts to do some turns, because he is bored of the flight that has mostly been a straight line. I encourage him to do some steep banked turns, which he does. We then head back to Popham and join for 21.

A nice day out.


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