Date: 26/4/2015

Time: 18:25 - 18:40 (17:25 - 17:40 GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX

Quickie after Engine Service

Doesn't time fly (pun intended). Today, Ian and I have done the 300 hour engine service on G-UFOX - it was only the other day that we did the 250 hour airframe service. I guess that shows how much time is spent warming up and doing maintenance etc. The service has gone well and Ian is getting very skilled at removing and replacing the carbs into their mounts that used to be difficult and time consuming.

We have also taken the seat tub out to check under there, but primarily to tighten up the friction of the flap control lever. Once all done and we have balanced the carbs, we feel we deserve a quick test flight. Unfortunately, the clubhouse has been locked up and I can't get my flight bag and headset out. Headsets appear to be a bit of an issue recently. Ah well, the passenger will have to shout.

Ian has the first go, as I want to make the final test measurements for the service. Once completed, he takes off on runway 03 - I had imagined that we would just do a couple of circuits each, but Ian continues climbing and heads out of the circuit to the west. It's amazing how different the experience is, without a headset, with all the extra noise. Here he does some general manoeuvring and also is enjoying himself with some tight turns and general fun-flying.

After we land, we swap over for my turn. I get to use Ian's nice Dave Clark headset. I take off and climb up in the same direction that Ian had. I too am enjoying some manoeuvres, including tight turns and also some rollercoaster. It still take a bit of nerve to keep pushing the stick forward as you seem to naturally back off once you feel the effects. A bit more practice and we are definitely getting some negative G. Eventually, it is time to go back and I do a spiral dive descent to circuit height and join downwind (there is no-one else around) for 03. For once, the decent is in good time and I even cut the corner a bit to touchdown just after the threshold. It also needs a bit of dancing on the rudder peddles to keep her straight, which I haven't needed for a while.

No pics or GPS track, I'm afraid.

Short - but fun.


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