Date: 20/3/2016

Time: 13:25 - 14:15 (GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX

Old Sarum

Had to wait for the cloudbase to clear today, and even then, it was forecast to be little over 2000' - so it's not going to be a big flight today. I do a few jobs on the plane while I am waiting. Eventually, Ian and I are off to go to Old Sarum which is a convenient and relatively into-wind runway. However, it would be a bit quick to go direct, so first I head off to the north to show Ian my new-found (Donnington) Castle - yeah I know it seems like I am obsessed, but it has just turned out this way. After a loop around this, we head back south down the A34. As always we are looking out for anything interesting below, Ian spots something weird in a field - first it looks like loads of people standing still, so we loop round for a look and then it looks like loads of upright sticks in a field. We decide that it must be a tree plantation, but it still seems odd. Then I notice an impressive entrance lodge to Highclere Castle - this turns out to be called London Lodge and was once (but not now) that main entrance. It has some big gates and buildings each side that you can can rent.

Continuing down south past Bullington Cross and the Boscombe CMATZ and make our call at Alderbury - I had called them earlier for PPR, but was told I didn't have to. The CMATZ is not active and no parachuting (completely overcast), so I descend on the deadside and join for 06. I take the microlight circuit at 600' and turn base before the castle. On landing I get down OK, but then a gust lifts the starboard wing a bit. All OK.

We go in for some tea, bacon butties and a chat. The parachutists give up for the day.

Ian's turn for the return journey. After a checkover, we are off on runway 06 which has a pronounced upslope at the threshold. Then we head off to the west. Following our theme of investigating castles shown in SkyDemon, we go to look at one called Yarnbury Castle - this turns out to be an ironage fort (earthworks). We then continue out route the long way round the west side of Salisbury Plain and spot some nice large houses, one has an interesting maze.

Round the far side we find Westbury white horse, where I open the door for a picture. Later, we get to the Pewsley horse (but a little more distant). When we get to near Thruxton we spot an interesting long maze in the shape of a foot - a little investigation later proves that this is called Conholt Park. The weather has improved and there is even some sunny patches - most pleasant.

Past Whitchurch and on to Popham for an overhead join for 03.

A nice flight!



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