Date: 22/4/2017

Time: 11:45 - 12:50 (10:45 - 11:50 GMT)

Aircraft: EuroFOX - G-UFOX

Gatecrashing the Eurostar Fly-In.

Like last year, we planned to gatecrash the Eurostar fly-in in our EuroFOX, along with Colin and Jac legitimately taking their Eurostar. By coincidence, I going with George also like last year. Colin has a frosty reception when he calls for PPR, so rather than antagonise the operator, he does add me on so I call myself - luckily I have no problem at all.

My turn for the outbound leg and we set off north, through the gap between Aldermaston and Burghfield and to the east of the Benson zone. Over the Dibley cutting, past Aylesbury and hen to the west of Northampton, to arrive at the airfield through the advertised approach corridor. The radio sounds quite busy, but once again appears to be handled calmly and efficiently. I join overhead and approach to land on 03R - they requested that we use the grass strip (alongside the concrete one) so that we can exit quicker.

This year, we are not parked "out of the way" and are allowed park with all the Eurostars. Roger is here in his Breezer, there are at least three other EuroFOX's, some SkyRangers and a CT - obviously well attended by over 60 Eurostars. We are complemented on being the only taildragger, have a quick chat with Roger and also Paul Kiddell who had arranged the event and then we head over to the fuel station to pay the landing fee.

We meet up with Jac and Colin and go into the "Pilots Mess" cafe to order tea and bacon and egg rolls - apparently a twenty minute wait. We sit outside to watch the world go by. Later on, we are joined by Jac's friend Bill. After lunch, we go for a wander around to see the aircraft and chat with people. Jac is also trying to recruit people for a trip she is planing to Kunovice (where the Eurostars are manufactured in the Czech Republic) next year. Later on Nick turns up in his Yellow EuroFOX.

A nice day in the sunshine, but eventually, it's time to head back. George is flying the return leg, which is into the sun, so he borrows my cap. Just as well, as we see an unusually high number of other aircraft on the way home. Back to Popham to wash the plane down before next weeks show.


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