Date: 1/8/2007

Time: 17:20 - 18:50

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDMS

Exercise: Ex 17b

I guess (once again) I should explain why it has been a couple of weeks since I last flew. I have managed to tear a ligament in my leg and my knee really hurt. I would like to able to say that that I was injured in some really meaningful and manly way, but the truth is that I did it playing rounders on Southsea Common. We had a college reunion - 20 years since we left Portsmouth Polytechnic - we had 7 families turn up and had a really lovely weekend, despite the leg.

Today is a bit of an experiment, to see if I can still fly. It has been a week and a half and has recovered a fair bit, so that I can drive etc. I can put some weight on it, but am still hobbling a lot. Twisting it or pushing sideways is still painful.

Despite having another student to fly with, Steve kindly volunteers to go up with me for a couple of circuits with me to ensure it's OK, which I am very grateful for. The first circuit goes OK, except for the landing wasn't too good - I can't blame this on the leg, but just general lack of talent. Still it wasn't too bad and Steve is confident enough to get out after just one (or perhaps just scared).

Do a bit of bimbling and a few circuits.

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