Date: 01/09/2006

Time: 14:45 - 15:40 (PUT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDRO

Exercise: Yet more circuits - Ex 12 & 13

Once again, it has been a wee while since my last flight, for a number of reasons - the first was ill-health, then going to Scotland for my sisters 50th birthday and finally, my workload at work - this last one is of course a poor excuse.

Could only get a single lesson today, as I had left it a bit late for booking.

Take off and climb-out are getting better as is the general circuit. I am beginning to find the cockpit workload is easing slightly, but there is still a lot to think about.

I need to spend more time looking out the window (rather than at the instrument needles), but conversely, I am just about finding time to look at the other important gauges, such as engine temperatures and pressures (T's & P's), which I have mostly ignored so far!

Still cocking up the final part of landing, but generally have a feeling of getting better. I am almost shocked when Steve points to return to the clubhouse, as the lesson finished all too soon.

I can't 'really' afford to do two lessons each week, but I feel I need to keep up the practice and I believe that I benefit from it. Back to two lessons a week again!

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