Date: 2/9/2007

Time: 15:40 - 16:40 (PUT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CCYR

Exercise: 17c

Today is my Pre-GST test, where we run through as if I was doing a real General Skill Test and Steve is the examiner. This is to determine if I am good enough and ready for the real test.

After the pre-flight inspection we take off and head north-west. We do some straight & level and following given headings, then climbing and descending and normal turns - fairly easy.

We then move on to steep banked turns which aren't too bad. Orbiting fixed point could be better. The second Power Fail Landing is better than the first. The rejoin and landing are OK.

It seems I have been a bit slow (airspeed) at times, but it hasn't been horrendous. It seems to have been over very quickly (maybe because Steve is knackered).

He has recommended me for my GST. He thinks I'm ready - am I? I need to book up the GST test with John the chief flying instructor, but he is off on holiday soon, so I need to do it this week - I book up for Friday . . . . hope I'm ready!

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