Date: 4/8/2007

Time: Time: 16:15 - 17:20 (PUT) & 19:15 - 19:50 (PUT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDMS

Exercise: Phase II Test

Today, I'm told that I am doing my Phase II test today. This may seem like short notice, but it is more than I have had previously - I didn't know I was doing my first solo until it happened and my I didn't realise that I was doing my phase I test until I had actually finished (and passed) it!

I am absolutely useless!! I can't believe it - I don't know whether it's just a bad day or if examination nerves are getting to me - probably both.

It starts with failing to put the auxiliary fuel pump on and then the climbout where I fail to dip the nose every now and then for a better look - I always do this, so why not today? My PFL wasn't too good, I incorrectly correct for the wind whilst flying round a fixed point and my steep banked turns were terrible. Even my recoveries from dangerous and unusual attitudes were . . . . strange. The list during debriefing is extensive - "and another thing" is what I keep hearing. Steve does go on to say that he was barracking me a bit to put me under stress, but then that's only fair as there will become times when flying when you do get under stress.

I'm appalled by my performance. It also makes me very disappointed with myself. The second stint we do some circuits which again are flawed, perhaps due to my above disappointment.

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