Date: 14/07/2006

Time: 17:15 - 18:15 (PUT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDHR

Exercise: Low Hops 2- Ex 12 & 13

Weather is bright and clear, but the wind is a bit blustery. This is making me slightly nervous as up 'til now the wind has been rather kind to me and now it is 15 knots and gusting up to 25 knots.

We're in Hotel Romeo today, which is the first time I have flown her since I have owned a share of this particular aircraft! Off we go to runway 08.

Not too good when we start off. We debate what I am doing wrong - Steve thinks that I am attempting to correct using ailerons instead of rudder, I haven't got a clue 'cos I'm too busy trying to do it, not analyse it.

Eventually we discover that I'm not quite perceiving the straight ahead direction correctly. Believe me, that this isn't quite as stupid as it sounds; due to the offset seating it is tempting to see straight ahead as closer to the centre of the aircraft than it really is.

Was a bit better after then. Not perfect, but still better than when we started so still in the right direction.

Decided that progress needs to get quicker, so have booked two lessons a day for next Friday and the following one.

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