Date: 17/2/2007

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CCYR

Exercise: Would have been Circuits - Ex 12 & 13

The weather forecast looks good, which seems to be quite unusual over the last few months. I'm really looking forward to a good flight today.

However, the timeslots are running behind a bit again today, and the cloudbase is dropping with an increasing pressure.

We take off on 03 to do a bit of an exploratory and are already into the cloud at 600' before we reach the circuit height of 800'. Steve says that although we would still be legal, it is far from ideal conditions - in fact it was horrible. You give a lot more info over the radio, to try and let everyone else know where you are.

With just one single circuit we land and do the right thing - park up and wait to see if it gets better - it didn't, so eventually we put the planes away. The landing wasn't brilliant, but at least this time I realised one fundamental thing I am doing wrong - not looking straight ahead, but believing straight ahead is too far to the right. Better luck next time!

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