Date: 28/07/2006

Time: 16:05 - 17:05 (PUT) & 17:40 - 18:45 (PUT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDRO

Exercise: More circuits - Ex 12 & 13

Once again, the weather is hot!

We start by taking off on 26 for a circuit on the microlight circuit - I'm absolutely appauling. It's just too much; there is so much to do and so little time to do it on the short microlight course. Also haven't really done this from this runway before.

Next go round, we try the GA circuit, which is bigger and at least gives me a bit of time to think - but I'm still bad. We try a little off-circuit excursion to try a little refresher on general techniques, because I'm still making my same old mistakes - looking at the instrument needles rather than looking outside the windscreen and the general attitude of the plane. I am still also not being man-enough with the controls and still being far too gentle with the throttle.

After a short half-hour break for a drink and another DI, we start the second lesson. Getting a bit better but still bad. We conclude that one thing I am doing wrong, particularly on landing, is watching fixed objects (trees, windsocks etc.) and allowing the aircraft to move relative to this. Try keeping me vision fixed relative to the aircraft and letting the rest of the world move relative to it. It's only a small distinction and possible I haven't described it too well, but it definitely helps.

Helped by more familiarity and growing confidence I feel some improvement. The more you get right, the less cockpit loading you feel. The last two circuits I can feel were much better. I was looking at attitude and feeling/hearing the engine rather than keep looking at the instrument needles. I even found some time to breathe!

Much better than when I started today which is my goal. Just hope I don't loose it all, by the next lesson.

Time is running out, so we finish with a couple of low hops - OKish, but not brilliant.

Enjoyed today and feel that I have improved (so went to Fox for a few beverages)

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