Date: 31/8/2007

Time: 16:55 - 17:40 (PUT) & 18:20 - 18:55 (PUT)

Aircraft: Ikarus C42 - G-CDMS

Exercise: 18

We're on another dual cross-country navigation exercise today - to Old Sarum, just north of Salisbury. I have done my homework this time - sorted out my route, all my waypoints and PLOG, wind drift calculations etc.

After a call to Old Sarum airfield for information, we're off. Heading towards Bullington Cross we try to call Boscombe control as we need to enter their Military Air Traffic Zone (MATZ). They don't reply so we assume that they have closed down for the weekend and do a fake call with Steve being Boscombe. We then cross near Chilbolton airfield and on to the east of Stockbridge. We then turn to follow down the River Test. When we meet the bend in the railway we turn and fly along railway to Alderbury. Here we call Old Sarum on the radio and find that the circuits are to the North (as Boscombe has closed down). We join the circuit and I believe that the landing is OK.

We book-in and have a cup of tea an a bit of a chat. Steve shows me where FUB (fat useless b*stard) crashed his plane where he started it without being in it. However, perhaps we have taken too long and need to rush to get home as it was getting late towards the 8:00pm airfield closure.

The journey home should be quicker as it is with the wind, but to be sure I cruise at 80 knots instead of 70. Basically we once again follow the same route in reverse. My rejoin is poor but the landing is OK.

This was a really relaxed and enjoyable flight. All the waypoints appeared in the right pace and time bang-on to the flight plan. A clear demonstration of how good planning allows you to keep ahead of the plane.

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